Millennials and Adoption Racism

It’s no secret that Berkeley and Portland are hot-beds of Antifa activity. And when I say “activity,” I mean violent protests in the name of anti-fascism. Innocent people have had their cars vandalized because they want to drive down a certain road. People incorrectly deemed “Nazis” who’ve been attacked when they refused to “show their papers” proving they’re Jewish.

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But the San Francisco Bay Area is another story entirely (I know Berkeley is in the area, but they don’t count right now). For some reason, people out here love to tell others how brave they are for their choices. Such as adopting a mixed-race child.

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Check out the other side of that. “Say something disparaging.” How in the world could someone say something horrible about adopting a child in need? Lucky for you, I recently had a run-in with a former high school classmate that ended in one of these reprehensible conversations.

Let’s start with her post.

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Now, I know I don’t need to tell you that the Alabama law still allows for medically-necessary abortions. They also don’t hold the woman responsible if she does have one performed after six weeks. A cursory Google search led me to the actual text of the bill. First link, might I add. And on the very first page, these things are outlined clearly.

But God forbid you try and gently correct someone.

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I expressed to this person that she had other options aside from abortion. After asking what those options were, she went on to explain that she was suicidal and scared (none of which matters in this instance). The option I gave her was that I would take her baby. I’ll give you a second to think about what her response was.

Time’s up.

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Aside from that being littered with typos and having that r/ihadastroke vibe, is this girl tellin’ me I can’t raise a black baby?

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Source: Facebook

Yup. That’s exactly what she’s telling me while trying to say that’s not her point. I wasn’t born yesterday. As a matter of fact, we were both born the same year. In the same town. A town, might I add, that’s affluent and spoiled.

And you can’t fool me. We went to school together. Cops didn’t get on your back because you were black. Cops got on your back because you skipped school and caused trouble.

Once I was done with the conversation and told her she’d valiantly silenced me, she put me on blast.

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Good to see we haven’t left high school after all these years…

Also nice to know that you don’t give a shit about the baby until after its born. The second you decide to get rid of that baby is the second you stop being a mother. And you don’t get to worry about what happens to that little baby when you don’t even care about saving its life.

Source: Ben Libby

This is becoming an increasingly stupid narrative that’s only pushing us further away from each other. America isn’t a melting pot or a soup where everything goes in and tastes the same. It’s a salad bowl, where every piece is individual and adds to the entire dish. You don’t get to pick and choose like eugenics. You don’t get to tell me what I can and can’t do.

So, go ahead, girl. Have your abortion and I’ll be the only one mourning for the life lost.


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  1. Truth is this is not a black and white issue and it never will be. But because it is such a heart wrenching topic emotions will always be heated and thus create chaotic conversations. I believe both sides pro life and pro choice have people on each side who truly want the best for humanity and every baby/child. I am in between the extreme pro life and pro choice line because of the movenments and people are far too extreme for me. I am okay with abortions being legal, I am just not okay with the abortion laws put in place at the moment. I don;t believe the system we have in place you could say. The person you conversed with made very interesting points that all pro lifers I think need to fairly consider before taking the extreme side of pro life. The minute you say you support abortion no matter how early or how late for rape victims, or medical reasons then by definitinition you are pro choice. Just like the pro life title simply means you support every baby being born no matter the circumstance.

    My definition of pro life is a promised good life for every living thing on this planet, including animals. Which is probably why I don’t associate myself with society’s definition of pro life. We do not live in this society, far from it. I honestly feel we need to be spending more energy on the lives that are already very well alive and breathing before I take much part in topics like these. It is why I have a hard time with the pro life argument. I told you that before though I think.

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    1. I recall you saying that before, which is a relevant point, just not in this discussion. I’m against war, child abuse, pedophilia and sexual assault, but those are other discussions. If we care about people already living, we should care about the babies, because they could be the next medical researcher who might help develop a substantial medical cure. We don’t know, but we have to hold ALL life as valuable, whether or not it’s left a birth canal yet.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It was in the discussion though as her first point was about rape victims and medical relations in terms of abortion. As for society not being built to support every breathing thing on this planet is relevent in any prolife/pro choice topic in my fair opinion. We need more than being against things, and humans have made little effort with moving forward to actually be pro life and until we are close I don’t think people are wrong or evil for being pro choice. I am pro choice and against war, sexual abuse, pedophilia etc. Pretty sure most pro choicers are and any moralistic person. I can say I am against a lot of things, but blatantly doing nothing or standing on the sidelines with no concrete solutions is ignorance and does not make me anymore right or moralistic than anyone else. By this I mean both pro choice and pro lifers need to find real solutions to problems surrounding life and children. This world is not pro life, this is facts. To say we have the tools and knowledge to support everything on this planet is a blatant lie. To ban all abortions is not a solution (abortions have been around medically and unsafely non medically for years before abortions was even a topic. You think banning them is going to stop people from performing their own abortions?) , and pro life means to ban all abortions no matter the circumstances, medically or people’s feelings. It is why I classify myself as pro choice because I support the rare abortions. It is not pro life how you choose. It is why I stand somewhere in between the very two extremes. I also will repeat both sides of this argument and people involved in these movements all want the same outcome. Which is truly what is the best for humanity and society. I think we need to each put our egos asid and really start conversing with each other and talking about real solutions. This will never be black and white.

        Sometimes there is no other option for people other than abortion and you know what? I am contempt with this. I am sorry you are not. I am just not okay with our high abortion rate and certain laws (including late term abortion, banning all abortions etc) and I do things in hopes help lower that rate.


      2. I’m not sure if you recall our previous conversation, but I don’t want to ban ALL abortion. And I’m doing something by telling my story and spreading real facts instead of the false ones so many seem to cling to. The bottom line is the Alabama and Georgia bill do NOT ban all abortions and they do NOT hold the mothers criminally accountable. All I want to do right now is let people know they can’t trust the first source they read and to dig deeper.


      3. I do recall our previous conversation so by definition you are pro choice then and somehow indentify as pro life? Because if all prolifes saw the side of rare abortions I think the two sides would come together a lot more. No?

        Most people dig a lot deeper, my generation has seen some fight back and even revolutionary acts and yet it is still not enough. I just think the whole thing of sharing, protesting etc has shown to be doing nothing. When it comes to anything in society we are losing because we have surrendered to ‘big brother’ or whatever you want to call it. Call me a conspiracy nut but they watch everything they do, internet, in the streets etc they are controlling everything and they don’t care what measures they have to do to stop those who want what is best for humanity unless it goes along with their agenda. Humans keep surrendering. Basically revolution peaceful or violent is now or never. Not sure where you are from but very scary things are happening here in the USA. They are not going to need to build fema camps etc when they are building their plan and control around us. Nazism is already here….And yet all we are doing is writing some facts on the internet and sorta protesting in the streets and even then people are being arrested and being told we don;t have freedom of speech or any rights. I am saying we need the next step because it will be too late soon. The last step will be to disarm citizens, which they are already trying to do in Canada. There is some good what you are doing yes and it is better than some, especially because somehow in 2019 there are still too many people very uneducated and blinded to many scary things. But a lot have woken up, but it is like we are too scared to sacrifice anything to truly save ourselves and fight back. I hope to live to see it and if not I hope to not live to see the results of a surrendered society. The fact there is so little knowledge being offered to the public is a very scary thing and I think it is sad that alone isn’t a hint to society that something is very wrong.

        Bottom line is Alabama and Georgia are very old school when it comes to laws as I know people who live there or have lived their in the past. They are ass backwards. They have adopted the stricted abortion laws in May and I think some people have their rights to be appalled. Considering they have no laws in other important areas like rapists being able to gain custody over their children. They may have not banned it for all, but there are fear it wil make it harder for women who NEED an abortion to get one performed. The law that was passed is very loose to me and questionable. Rather they changed the law about rapists and parental rights I know that use to exist and was rather disgusting. I will have to look into it again. If they do not hold mother’s criminally accountable for having an abortion then why ban abortion exactly? It seems the law is very skewed. You are trying to paint something that is actually not entirely true or the case. Alabama is very old school and I question everything they pass and do. When I was growing up my cousins lived in Alabama and apparently beating kids in school was still okay to do. And even if it wasnt my aunt never got the help from the law to stop it from happening.


      4. I’m sorry, but it’s clear you do not recall me saying I don’t put a label on myself because I don’t want anyone telling me what I am or what I think.


  2. I can agree though she was a bit ridiculous with the whole race thing. Although culture can be very important, culture…not race. I think culture has a lot to do with where you are raised though and not your skin color. I am not quite sure where she was going with her non sense. I wouldn’t consider her one of more intelligent pro choicers. But both sides of this argument have people life this. I have gotten into very heated and even sad conversations with many extreme pro lifers. Also saying you will take the baby is a lot easier than actually doing it. We need concrete solutions for unwanted life. Not just a few people saying they will adopt. The adoption system itself is not perfect and has many problems with it. Would you tell a rape victim to put their baby up for adoption? Isn;t rather ignorant to tell a victim of something like that how to handle their trauma and how they should heal? Just points to consider this one pro choicer aside.


    1. You’re right, I should’ve mentioned that I provided several options for her before offering to adopt the child. In my naivete, I assumed she’d trust me as we’d known each other since seventh grade. But instead, those years of being acquaintances were just tossed aside like my opinion and experience didn’t matter. It’s just amazing to me how we can treat each other so badly just because someone doesn’t agree with us.


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