What You May Not Know About Late-Term Abortion

The agenda I will lay out this evening is not a Republican agenda or a Democrat agenda. It is the agenda of the American people.
President Donald Trump

In the President’s State of the Union (SOTU) Address on February 5, Trump began strong. He stated that our nation has unlimited potential and we need to work as one nation instead of two divided parties.

However, the message didn’t stay positive. Later in the address, Trump began speaking to the recent change in New York’s late-term abortion laws. Essentially, the bill allows a doctor to perform an abortion up to birth.

These are living, feeling, beautiful babies who will never get the chance to share their love and dreams with the world.
President Donald Trump
Source: YouTube

An abortion is considered late-term after the twentieth week of gestation. At this point, the baby may not be able to live outside the uterus, but it has developed a heartbeat, fingers and toes, and some hair.

The procedure is possibly the most gruesome part. Abortions performed after 20 weeks typically involve something call “Dilation and Evacuation.” This procedure involves actual dismemberment of the fetus. Occasionally, doctors will perform a lethal injection into the fetuses’ beating, living heart. In Utah, lawmakers require anesthesia be administered to the baby before the procedure. And while the baby may not be able to feel pain until about 27 weeks, it’s able to kick the instruments away – which does happen.

Let’s dive a little deeper into the primary reason why this bill was passed. If a prenatal test is performed and the fetus is found to not be viable outside the womb or the pregnancy/birth will negatively affect the mother’s life or health, then an abortion can be performed. This seems reasonable on paper. We don’t want babies to suffer.

Source: freestocks.org

But there’s another side to this. While late-term abortions may be a rare procedure with only 1.3% of them being done after 21 weeks, digging into the details shows a little too much leeway on what’s considered dangerous for the mother’s health.

So, what’s considered a negative health affect? Well, if the mother’s life is at stake, then I can understand the necessity of this procedure. But what many don’t realize is that the mother’s mental health is considered in this decision. Ignoring prenatal depression for just a second, what happens if a mother feels defeated after an argument with the father of her child? What if this mother decides the way to get even is to abort the father’s baby? Well, that’s not only happened before, but it’s happened more than once. And that is what I cannot accept. That is evil. It’s murdering a child because you’re mad at someone else. Because you want to punish the person you claim to love.

But that’s just one aspect of the mental health of a mother. Prenatal depression has been said to be the worst type of depression a woman can get. It involves moments of extreme panic. Most importantly, it involves moments where the mother doesn’t want to continue the pregnancy. And in New York, that would be a perfectly rational reason to abort a fetus post 21 weeks.

Just let that sink in.

The politicians who applauded this decision are pure evil. They applaud the murder of children. “My body, my choice,” is the phrase most of these women utter when confronted with this issue. But let me just ask one question.

What about the baby’s body?


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  1. I have a question for you, one that you did not tackle in your conjecture about mental health and suffering pregnant people: How many of these people who abort their pregnancies late-term due to severe mental issues do you think might actually murder or abandon their child after birth? I imagine you didn’t bother to get the statistics on that one, did you?

    Now, from your personal perspective: Which do you find more heinous? A person who aborts their pregnancy due to severe mental trauma or someone who throws their 3-month old child into a dumpster because they have mental trauma?

    Nowhere in your high and mighty rant did you propose ANY sort of counselling services or in-depth mental health assessments for these pregnant people nor did you verify what was already in place at most abortion clinics. Kind of skews your narrative by leaving out important procedures either being proposed in this new bill or already in place.


    1. Well, this post wasn’t meant for mentally unhealthy pregnant women. It was meant to educate people on what other articles leave out. It was meant for people who are in a healthy enough state of mind to understand that the abortion debate has many sides to it. Mine is just one of them.

      If that limits my audience in any way… Oh, well.


    1. This post was meant to educate people on what most articles covering the new law left out. Anyone is welcome to take anything they want from reading it.


      1. I gathered that. I just didn’t like the ending. It spoke down on pro choicers like myself who does not support things like planned parenthood, or laws that support abortion to term. It also angers me because I have spent countless hours discussing beliefs with pro lifers. Most of them have no real solutions to anything. They petition the same recycled crap, and after said baby is born we no longer care for that child. Because that is the world we are living in. Before we begin fighting for the lives of unborn babies, we should be fighting for the babies, children and even adults that are already living and are not being given a chance at a decent life, or being supported. The adoption system is as broken as our abortion system in tact right now. Prolifers say abortion is murder and just forgetting how victims of rape women feel or their trauma.

        I am pro choice, but I am not a blind sheep that sits on the far end of the spectrum of people like yourself. I probably stand somewhere between pro life and pro choice because I feel both sides have valid points. 🙂


      2. You’re right. Both sides do have valid points.

        One I’d like to make about after the baby being born we no longer fight for their lives. I disagree. We obviously do by saying the babies who are born, then made comfortable or resuscitated while their mothers discuss their lives without them is unacceptable. But the abortion debate itself ends there. It becomes an entirely new issue after that.

        Yes, we should be fighting for the babies. Starting before they’re born.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Pro lifers do not ensure a life after the children are born (even if you adopt 1,000 plus babies together, there are still million still unwanted. What about countries that are not as modern as us? Do you care what those children are living in? How many die every single day of starvation? Not just babies or children either but PEOPLE) and no it is not a different argument or discussion. That is the point. For us to truly be pro life we have to ensure a decent life for all babies to be born into, or there is really no point in fighting for them before they are born to just fail them anyways. It is the SAME discussion, but all pro lifers have became delusional and will deny that all that pro life means now is to protest for every single child to be born no matter what ciircumstance, and then that’s it. How is that even moral? How is anymore moral than myself for example?

        We need to fight before they are born, but until we do that we need a sustainable world or society for babies to come into. This is all of course possible, and it willl take humans from all walks of life to accomplush such. It’s a shame most humans are selfish and greedy mofos. Yet we lie to ourselves that we are somehow actually moralistic person. Deep down I don’t believe anything is reallty moral about humanity. I believe we want good, but won’t take the work or sacrifices to get there. Humans coward after it interferes with our comfort zone. Humans right now are far too complexed and a bit blurred when it comes to actual morals to actually sustain a life for every breathing thing on this planet.

        But nice try on trying to say being pro life has nothing to do with how we treat people or the society we live in doesnt matter. IT DOES MATTER. What else does pro life mean? You only are pro for unwanted babies to be born? And once born we really don’t care for any humans anymore?

        I appreciate your time and I see your point of view I do. This has been a more intriguing conversation than I have with most pro lifers.


      4. The bottom line for me is that a woman ending a unique genetic code (hair color, eye color, height, weight) because they think they don’t have a choice is unacceptable. If you take the responsibility on of having sex, you need to realize that each time, it may end in pregnancy. If you’re not ready for that, you shouldn’t be having sex.

        The bottom, bottom line is that a baby is its own body. It’s no longer just the mother’s body and we shouldn’t be making these decisions on behalf of babies. Each human being should have an equal opportunity at life.

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      5. I see your point, I do and I respect it.

        You don’t think I am for a better society? Because I am. The sad reality is we do NOT live in a society or a world that has equal opportunity for people who are already alive. We are not living in a world that is equipped with tools or the funds to support every humanbeing. Even if we did, we are far from being that giving. Which is why I don’t understand what makes you guys so rightous about fighting for unborn babies? When you guys are not even saving the ones alive today? You know how many people die of starvation every single day? What about their equal opportunity? Oh but it would take too much of our tax dollars or money to save those people right?

        Until we live in a world that is truly free of things like poverty, starvation etc I am all for being pro life. You cannot just make your own rules when it comes to morality. I am an imperfect human being, I try to do good every single day and I continue to grow. But am I perfect or completely moral with every choice I make? Nope.

        You want my opinion as depressing as MOST abortions are (I am against most of them and I am against getting abortion just because you had sex and accidentially got pregnant. I think if you can be a fit parent, or it forces you now to take that responsibility. Damn right you are having that child and abortion should not be given as an option) if we demand a stricter system, and I think it would become a very minor problem upon the millions of problems and corruption we already have in our modern society.


      6. I am not part of a collective. Saying “you guys” is not applicable in this case. I’m my own person with my own thoughts, which is why I’m getting a little irked at the language being used here.

        I am against war. I don’t want people dying overseas. I have protested for Saudi Arabia and their people dying in the streets for nothing. I am against mentally unhealthy women killing babies. But we’re talking about ABORTION here. Not war, not starvation, not anything else. Those ARE different arguments which I may get into later, but have no bearing on this discussion.

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      7. They are not different arguments, and until you understand that this discussion will run around in circles.

        If they are different than we can agree all pro life means is to support the life of every single baby to be born, and after said child is born we no longer care. Which I fail to see the moral in that. In order for a baby to have a equal ooportunity at life, we have to ensure that is already in place for them. Very few who are born in horrid places make it out on top. Those that do are a rare breed and are amazing people who live to tell the most brutal struggles etc. But most don’t.

        Why would you encourage more babies to be born in say countries like Saudi Arabia or Africa?

        And hate to break it to you the trend of protesting for things ended few years ago. In fact we waited too long to take REAL action that even now we are being told how to protest and where and if they don’t like it you can be arrested without justice cause. But keep protesting, because it has saved so many humans and changed the world. I was a protester, I still am and I respect that you are. But we are living in very DIRE and scary situations that we need more action. Because if we don’t, we are already losing. I question how long humans want to wait (especially the western world) we need a revolution and fast. It’s possible, but it is a question of how much we will sacrifice our comforts and convenient lives.


      8. None of what you said makes sense. I live in San Francisco and I can tell you protests still happen. As a matter of fact, I passed one yesterday on my way to work.

        I’m not encouraging more babies to be born. I’m encouraging RESPONSIBILITY.


      9. I never said they still don’t happen, more is what I meant is it is not really doing as much action as we need and that they are also now telling us how to protest and if they don’t like it they can shut it down or arrest people. The government saying it’s okay to protest and us foolish enough to believe it actually is going to change the system they want is laughable. It’s a distraction, to keep us distracted.


      10. Writing about it also is not saving anything, but continue….

        Step one to change our system (let’s just say the unitedt states) a true revolution which imo does need to actually happen, is to get the military on our side. Our lives would also change completely (like complete upside down)


      11. No….But our leaders advocate violence and will continue too. Unfortunately I think it may be a bloody and violent revolution to achieve a more peaceful future. There is no simple solution. We are not winning peacefully I know that. In fact it’s getting worse and the longer we wait we support the system we are under.

        What would be your solution? I am all for a peaceful one, I just don’t see it being very possible. We have already tried the peaceful way. And we are going farther into worse problems.


      12. I completely agree with you, and it is unfortunate it is not that simple.

        It’s better than doing nothing believe me. Educating people alone is a great and huge start. Rather I agree with all your views or not, you are a rare breed in our chaotic world and I respect you for that. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      13. And by saying no women under no EXCEPTION is allowed to have an abortion no matter how bad the situation is in fact encouraging more babies to be born.

        I don’t want babies to be born into a life where they will have hellish ideals forced upon them, or have no food to eat, violence everyday etc. But that is just me.


      14. When did I say that no woman should be allowed? I’m pretty sure I mentioned medically-necessary abortions where the fetus wouldn’t be viable or the mother’s life is at stake are acceptable.


      15. Good to hear, I am the same way. I don’t attach myself to labels, but because I support abortion in very few situations I guess society would label me as pro choice. I think humans are too complexed for just one or two labels personally. 🙂


      16. Agreed. And that’s why I think understanding each other and seeing every human as their own individual being is important to success. If we understand where each other are coming from, the conversations can be far more civil 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      17. Also, if you’d read any of my other posts, you’d know I’m a survivor of rape that required a medically-necessary abortion at 8-9 weeks. So, I do know a thing or two about trauma.

        Liked by 1 person

      18. I am sorry for your trauma. But one woman’s experience should not be forced upon every other women’s experience. I think if we got abortions down to no one can have abortions except for the most DIRE situations such as rape, or that no matter what this child will not have a sustainable life, that both sides would stop being so upset about stuff. I think it would be a good start. What I want to see the abortion system get rid of right now is abortion can no longer be a form of birth control (we can start by educating more women to be more responsible etc…and offer them every other solution other than abortion) and I want to see maybe more women saying taking the option of the pill (which works very early term) instead of getting abortions late into their term. We cna make stricter laws that imo may be a better solution, so the women that do NEED that option, have that option. But it is not an option just because you are a selfish woman who can’t live with her mistake. I already told you I am against abortion till term and it truly disgusts me it is still legal anywhere. I think if we educate the populus of the brutal process of abortion and even the trauma that can cause, you would see less abortions. But be careful how you want to educate. You can educate without throwing in your personal beliefs of ‘abortions is murder no exceptions) I think abortion is a very sad thing but it is a reality. It is happening and illegalizing it is not going to stop it from happening. Education and stricter laws could build a better system.


      19. You’re right. Personal experience means nothing in the grand scheme of things. And I do agree that more people need to take responsibility for their sexual actions. I do want to mention that 93% of rape and sexual assault victims know their abuser (this will be covered in a new post later), which may make it even more traumatizing. But I feel like that’s important to this discussion.

        I do think sexual education needs to be taught in all schools, but in this day and age, adults know that sex can end in pregnancy. And yet they still choose not to use contraception. I’ve heard the excuse: “It messes with my hormones” or “it makes me emotional.” So, they’d rather trade a temporary side effect and get a traumatic abortion. I guess I just don’t understand these types of people.


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