10 Underrated Hollywood Actors

We all have a favorite actor/actress that when mentioned at a party, everyone looks at you like you’re an idiot. No one knows who that is! Get a life and watch the same movies as everyone else.

Well, a lot of times, unknown actors and actresses are in those famous movies, but nobody bothers to know them because they’re not Morgan Freeman or Angelina Jolie. So, I’m going to give you ten of them, and, next time you’re at a party, you can just take a quick peek at the host’s movie collection, pick one out, and rub it in their face every time your guy/girl comes on screen.

10. Noomi Rapace – The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

While Rapace isn’t exactly unknown, she’s definitely underrated. She started off on Swedish TV, but kicked major ass in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trilogy. For those party-people who only watched the English version (which Rapace severely outdid Rooney Mara in), they at least know the film. But if you want to pick something more popular that people have actually seen her in, try Prometheus.

9. Steve Zahn – That Thing You Do!

All right, so Zahn has about 66 credits to his name, yet, when I mention him, people look at me like I’m blind, deaf and dumb. Even though I guarantee you’ve seen him in several film roles, many people still don’t recognize the name. So, here:

Suburbia, You’ve Got Mail, Stuart Little (voice), Saving Silverman, Dr. Doolittle 2 (voice), Joy Ride, Sahara, Rescue Dawn and Dallas Buyer’s Club. To name a few.

8. Djimon Hounsou – Stargate

Now, I’d forgive someone for not knowing who Hounsou is based on his name (while I remember names and voices better than faces – most people don’t). But anyone you run into is bound to know his face. Hounsou has extremely distinguishing features and seems to be put in the macho/handsome roles quite a bit. His claims to fame include Gladiator, Black Panther and Guardians of the Galaxy.

7. Jeffrey Dean Morgan – Supernatural

Jeffrey Dean Morgan isn’t as well known by his name as he is by “Sam and Dean Winchester’s dad”. But before he was hunting demons, zombies and Belsnickle, he was fighting alongside Dr. Manhattan in The Watchmen and going toe to toe with Chuck Norris in Walker, Texas Ranger. If you ask me, anyone who dares defy The Norris is as badass as they come.

6. Melissa George – Triangle

Source: Pixelrz

Melissa is notorious for making it into movies you’ve seen without knowing who the hell she is. She’ll change her hair color and wear bright red lipstick to get away from you like she did in Sugar & Spice. Or, she’ll go back to her Australian roots like in Grey’s Anatomy. She may even scare the crap out of you with The Amityville Horror remake. Whatever the role, she’s very versatile and overall very believable as any character.

5. James Remar – Dexter

Before James Remar played dear old daddy serial killer in Dexter, one of his first roles was that of Ajax in The Warriors. With 149 credits to his name such as Django Unchained and Pineapple Express, I’d say he’s way underrated.

4. Damian Lewis – Life

Source: Variety

You probably recognize Damian Lewis from that terrible Stephen King adaptation Dreamcatcher. But, trust me, he’s done many other great things. Homeland, Life and Band of Brothers are among his best work. Aside from that, he could make a career out of being Steve McQueen’s English double.

3. Tahmoh Penikett – Battlestar Galactica

Tahmoh is a name you’d remember after hearing or seeing it once, but I had a hard time placing him when I saw him in Castle last year. But he’s really known for his roles in Man of Steele and Battlestar Galactica. I would go into depth about his portrayal of Ezekiel in Supernatural, but he’s kind of bad in that. I mean, aside from the point of every male character being overly macho and soft-spoken (I still love the show).

2. Callum Keith Rennie – Battlestar Galactica

Source: Rocketrepro

We have another Galactica veteran on the list. There are just so many actors in that show that are underrated. I’ll leave Mark Sheppard for another list, however.

Yeah…uh…sorry about that, Mark.

Back to the actor at hand. English-born but Canadian-raised Rennie is most known for his TV show roles in Californication, Galactica and Harper’s Island, but he has his movie creds, too. The Butterfly Effect, Memento and Existenz are just a few. Check out his others on IMDb.

1. Jim Cummings – Practically Everything

Best known for his recent work as the voice of Winnie the Pooh, Cummings has been a part of your childhood and you probably had no idea. I’m sure you’re wondering why I picked a voice actor as the top of my list, but I don’t care. Cummings is the most under-appreciated because he’s lent voice to over 400 roles. Yes. 400. He was Cat in CatDog, Ray in The Princess and the Frog, Pete (the big fat dog) in anything Disney and how can we forget his character in Splatterhouse? Those are bad BAD words, Mr. Cummings!

Who’s your favorite underrated actor/actress? I want to make another list, anyway.


  1. Jeffery Dean Morgan is an amazing and under rated actor. I saw him on walking dead (before I stopped watching it as I think they damaged themselves by killing off Rick Grimes. Not because I can’t live without main characters, I fear the more main ones they are writing off the show I have no one I have left to feel for except Daryl who doesn’t even exist in the comics.) and I may watch the new seasons once netflix gets them just for Jeffery Dean Morgan. He is by far the best ‘bad guy’ I have seen on any show or movie in a long time. He is humorous and has that brutal crazy personality the comics made him to be. If you ever read the comics….He is a lot more brutal actually lol :/

    My husband and I recently started watching supernatural a couple months back and continue to binge the show. So happy it has so many seasons as we were running out of stuff to watch again. Every once in awhile you see that craze side of him come out in supernatural as well. lol I was so excited when I recognized his character in the first episode. ๐Ÿ˜€ He is a great actor.

    Noomi Rapace is a great actress too and so was the girl with the dragon tattoo films. (I have yet to read the books)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I actually first saw Jeffrey Dean Morgan in Grey’s Anatomy of all shows! He’s so great! I wish more people knew of him. I’m glad he’s made a name for himself in TWD, though. Even if a lot of viewers hate his character ๐Ÿ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I haven’t seen Grey Anatomy yet. Lol. But yes he’s great.

        A. I think to have your viewers hate you as the bad guy, then you are doing a damn good job playing your role.

        B. A lot of viewers from what I read that don’t like Negan (Jeffrey’s character) have never actually read the comic books, just watched the show. A lot of TWD fans were appalled Negan killed Glen. SOme even stopped watching the show all together. I am like look guys I LOVED Glen he was one of my favorite characters from the beginning. In the comics though Glen was the first huge death of the group. The way they grieved his death etc was a very important thing in the comics. It is how Maggie became tougher and ended up becoming a leader at hill top. So as much as it was unfortunate his character had to get written off, I thought it was vital for the show to follow the comics in that particular scene.

        It is kinda why I am kinda appalled they killed off Carl and Rick Grimes in the show. (I did not even really like Carl’s part in the show, not so much his part I think they could have found a better actor. I never fell for his character. Maybe it’s just me) but those two didn’t die in the comics. Carl’s death I think was the show’s official departure from the comics and now they are just rewriting however they like. Even the actor was stunned they killed off his character. Think he found out on his birthday even and was devastated. lol I let it go, but now they kill off Rick leaving me very mixed feelings for future seasons. I am like thankfully we still have Negan. Weird I’d root for the bad guys. (although both sides are bad, but you know going from following one group from the beginning to polar opposites. Lol)


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